Thibaut Courtois is the no. 1 goalie at Stamford Bridge

26 Jul 2015

Thibaut Courtois is the no. 1 goalie at Stamford Bridge at the moment, but, he would not mind leaving London this summer and make his way back to Spain to feature in Liga.

Courtois aspirations are to be a part of one of the two top Spanish clubs i.e. Madrid and Barca.

Barca obviously would not be able to sign him in the upcoming transfer window because of the ban that they have on them at the moment.

Blaugrana can make any signings only from the next year onwards. They will be away from the transfer activities this summer.

So, the only option for Courtois is Madrid which is actually interested in him.

Rafael Benitez is believed to be willing to land the Belgium international at Bernabeu and a bid is not out of the question.

Chelsea, however, would not let go of Courtois so easily.
It’s believed the Blues would ask for a whooping amount of more than 70 million Pounds for the player.

If Chelsea does not manage to keep Courtois in the ranks despite the efforts, they would at least try to make sure Petr Cech stays.

There have been talks of Cech’s transfer as well of late with Arsenal and some of the other top clubs being quite interested in the veteran.

Talking about Courtois, his contract with Chelsea runs for the next 4 years. He would be out of contract in the summer of 2019 only.

Apart from Courtois, Real Madrid actually has another option too in the form of David De Gea.

It would be interesting to see what Benitez does though.
Going by what the reports are suggesting, Courtois is the preferred choice of the Spaniard and he is ready to spend a few extra bucks if necessary to finalize that deal.

But, would he spend more than 70 millions? That’s the question.