The Major League Soccer has recently witnessed a huge increase

08 Mar 2016

The Major League Soccer has recently witnessed a huge increase on wages especially due to the signing of several top Premier League players, although at the latter end of their careers.

The likes of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba have moved to the MLS to join various clubs like LA Galaxy and New York City FC. Even though these players have been signed as the designated players for the clubs, the inflow in huge numbers has added to the wage bill rising tremendously compared to a few years ago.

The MLS recently made the decision to add more teams to the top division. Each team are allowed a maximum of three designated players. More franchises are expected to spring up in the next few years, as the league is going to expand it to around 24 teams. In this scenario, only San Jose Earthquakes have been able to remain a little self-sufficient. The former club of Landon Donovan have been able to bring up a number of players from the rooster. They have also spent money on the designated quota by bringing in Simon Dawkins from England, but he is not going to cost as much as some of the other players.

Donovan says that the route taken by the rest of the league does not appear to be a healthy one. "I'd like to see guys who play and perform within the league get rewarded.This is part of the genius of Bruce. People don't fully understand. He's not only a terrific coach but he's also really good in knowing how the system works.That's as much of the reason for success. He gets the right players in place that make a difference. He's the best there's ever been in MLS," said Donovan about Earthquakes and his former manager Bruce Arena.