Remi Garde is keen for new signings

03 Mar 2016

Remi Garde is keen for new signings, but, he reckons because of Aston Villa’s position in the Premier League standings at the moment, it’s difficult to convince the players.

According to Garde, money is not the only thing which matters for the players. The project matters too. They see what they are going to play for at a particular club.

The Frenchman was quoted as saying, “Of course, I want to make signings, but, you can’t lure the players unless you have got a good project. The project is more important to the players than the money.”

“If our situation was slightly better, a couple of players would join in by now. But, it has not happened as we are not able to go to them with a project that they would embrace.”

“It frustrates you when you hear from players that they would love to come, but, they want to wait for a little bit of time and see if the situation improves, but, that’s the way it is at the moment.”

“I knew it very well at the time of taking the job that it’s going to be challenging for me to bring in new faces to the club with this sort of situation, but, I am trying my best. There’re three weeks left in the window. So, we have got time.”

Aston Villa won their very first match in the Premier League in the ongoing season, but, they have had a winless streak of 19 matches ever since and they find themselves at the last spot in the points table.

There’s quite a bit of margin between Villa and the teams positioned above.

Newcastle United and Sunderland which hold the 18th and 19th positions are ahead of Villa by 9 and 7 points respectively.