02 Jan 2014

In the past few weeks Lionel Messi has been bombarded with rumors concerning his unhappiness in Barcelona as it was reported that the Argentinean wanted to have an increase in his salary and desired a renewed contract as the Brazilian Neymar who arrived some months ago to the Spanish team one of the biggest salaries.

Some weeks later, it was believed that Messi had a dispute with the vice-president Javier Faus after being denied with an improved contract and deal.

"Faus is a person who does not know anything about football," Messi told RAC1.

"He tries to run Barcelona like a business, but this is a football club. Barcelona are the best club in the world and should also have the best directors in the world’’.
Messi also shut down claims about him wanting to have a renewed contract as the Argentinean superstar said that it was nothing but rumors as he has never asked for a new contract with the team or any of his representatives.
"I have never asked for a new contract and neither have any of my representatives."

The head coach of Barcelona Gerardo Martino also denied the rumors concerning Messi as it was believed that because of the recent obstacles and struggles that the Argentinean has been going through in Barcelona, he was going to be sold in January.

"That is not true. I don't usually get distracted by questions like this which have nothing to do about the pitch. It is very important to finish the year in first place and with a solid performance. I hope we can continue improving in respect to our recent displays," said Martino

Even the father and the agent of Lionel Messi had to step it up and deny all of those rumors involving the possible exit of him from Barcelona.