Landon Donovan on the Verge of Football Ownership with San Diego Franchise

28 Mar 2017

Landon Donovan may have retired from the game, but it seems that he retains a keen interest on football – especially the MLS.

The former LA Galaxy forward is regarded as one of the greatest strikers to have represented the United States national team. However, he came up with a sudden announcement of the retirement to shock the world at just over 30. Even though he came out of retirement only for a few months before going out of the game, Donovan’s best years seemed to be behind him even when he retired. However, he remained a model professional throughout his career.

In terms of European football, he was best known for his time with Everton and Bayern Munich. Donovan seemed like a great fit to become a manager one-day. His exceptional skills when it came to reading the game made him one of the top forwards in North American football even though he was not the physically gifted player.

However, he appears to have decided against the possibility of moving into coaching and management. He has gone down the route of David Beckham to come in with the possibility of starting a franchise in the MLS. Donovan has come in with his support for a San Diego franchise for the 2018 season.

In a recent Facebook live event, Donovan claimed that he has joined hands with FS Investors in order to create a new franchise in San Diego. They MLS has consistently been in the process of expansion. The 2017 season sees the addition of one more team to the list. NFL team Chargers recently decided to relocate to the Los Angeles area. It has left a huge 166 acre location vacant. The plan is to transform the area with a 30,000 seater stadium. This stadium will cater to the needs of the MLS team along with the San Diego football team.