Landon Donovan Praises Current US National Team Rooster As the Best Ever

05 Mar 2017

Landon Donovan says that the current US national team roster happens to be one of the most talented in the national team’s history.

The former LA Galaxy forward recently announced his retirement from the national team for the second time. It was a huge surprise considering that everyone regarded as one of the greatest players in the US national team history, while he was only 32 years old. However, one of several major tournaments, Donovan represented the US national team during the World Cup in 2002. This means is the best competition for the US national team since they made it back to the World Cup in 1990, as they were able to finish.

The United States has been able to reach the knockout stages of tournaments in the past. The 2002 World Cup team, which are managed to reach the quarter-finals before being beaten by eventual winners Germany, and the 1994 World Cup team, which managed to reach the last eight, are seen as the best teams in the history of the US national team.

Yet, Donovan says that this current rooster is almost on par with the current team. It is quite a high praise from the former United States international.

The United States have key games in the month of March with Honduras and Panama being their opponents in the World Cup qualifiers."From a pure talent standpoint, there's no question that this is the most talented group of players we've ever had. It's a stupid debate to have. Do we have that same desperation that the 2002 team had or the '94 team had? Not always. The '94 group had to fight for everything they got. Every time we came into camp, training was an absolute war,” said Donovan. There will be a lot of expectations from the United States at the World Cup 2018.