Landon Donovan confident on National Team Confidence

02 Aug 2016

US soccer legend Landon Donovan is confident that the national team will keep up their great progress in the last decade even though the Copa America tournament has come to a premature end.

The US national team were hoping to progress into the latter stages of the tournament by taking advantage of the home support. For the first time in its history, the Copa America is held outside the South American shores and has been taking place in the United States as part of the centenary edition celebrations.

Teams like Mexico and the United States have taken part to make the competition even stronger, even if their odds of winning looked like they'd already had a foxy bingo promo code applied - they were way out in the region of 40-1.

As one of the North American teams that have been doing extremely well in international tournaments over the last decade, the United States were expected to use their higher experience especially in the latter stages of the competition. However, they succumbed to a defeat against Colombia were knocked out of the competition. Donovan, who retired from international action and every form of football in 2014, claims that the next step of the development will come when the US is capable of beating teams like Argentina and Colombia. He says that the presence of superstars is not necessary for success, and he has pointed to the success achieved by the German national team without having players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

“[The Americans] have beaten the teams you expect them to beat to continue growing, but you want them to take the next step by beating a Colombia or Argentina. We’ve done a great job getting better, but we still have a long way to go, and we saw that against Argentina.It’s not because we don’t have a [Lionel] Messi – Germany doesn’t have a Messi. If you look at the 10 other players on the field for Argentina, we need more of that,” said Donovan.

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