25 May 2017

US soccer star Landon Donovan wants to help Premier League side Swansea City become an American club.

The 35-year old was appointed by the owners of the club Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien as an adviser.

The retired US international visited the club where he said he wants to help them expand their global profile. Donovan says he can help Swansea break into the American market.
“I think a lot of clubs are trying to reach out into the American market, or the Chinese market, the Indian market or the South American market. And I think Swansea City are certainly becoming more known in America.

“We have an advantage if we do things right because we have people involved who are American and people who genuinely care about the club,” Donovan said.
He then added that the preseason for the club should be in America to help the club’s brand. He says it would be a good avenue to promote the club’s profile and that he hopes that Swansea “becomes America’s club one day.”

For now Swansea are fighting to maintain their status as they battle Hull City. The Swans have seen more bad than good this term and they face a bleak future if things don’t change soon.

Donovan promised to help the club by way of providing the right advice, having built global contacts over the course of his career. He says the chair Huw Jenkins and the manager Paul Clement are leading the club in the right path but added that he could provide useful advice.
The former Everton star added that after the club make next season, the club could reposition so they could challenge for Europe next term. The club qualified in 2013 and he believes they can repeat it despite the difficult terrain.